Mission Outreach


March 31, 2019

Mission Outreach

All Sundays are special because it’s the Lord’s Day, a day set aside from the hectic haste of the week to worship our Creator and offer Him praise and thanksgiving. Sunday morning, 3/31, had some more specialness added in several different ways.

Bro. Tony Pierce and his lovely wife, Rachel, were in New York boarding a plane to take them to the Holy Land. For the next week, they will be walking ground that Jesus walked. In their absence, Ryan Thorn and Jacob Hoing stepped up and ably filled their spots on the Praise Team. Bro. Scott Frank delivered a thought-provoking and instructive sermon, its message designed to help us recognize and avoid the cunning traps set for us by our adversary, Satan.

At the conclusion of the service, the congregation joined in a prayer to bless the large collection of gift items donated by church members for the residents of Wesley House, a nursing home in Gilmer, TX. These items will be delivered this week. A large box of school curriculum materials will be sent to the Fulfers, a missionary couple, to aid them in their work and ministry in the Philippines. Prayer was also offered for this mission outreach.