Ministry Fair 2023


April 30, 2023

The Fair Came to Town

Nope, not the Texas State Fair. That can stay in Dallas where it belongs.
Not a county fair either. That Yam Thing can stay in Gilmer.
On Sunday, April 30th, a hill just south of Ore City hosted the 2nd Annual New Hope Baptist Church Ministry Fair. It was a big to-do!
Lots of people doing lots of talking. One lady who yelled loudly several times. (One of those occurrences when you just had to be there.)
Lots of movement and excitement and questions and investigating. Free sandwiches! Free candy! Free bubble gum!
There was a method to the madness, a clear purpose behind the commotion. New Hope wanted to make known lots of areas of ministry that need you and your talents and energy.

Do you adore babies and just can’t get enough snuggle time with them?
Is audio/visual production your passion?
Do you love to capture moments through the magic of photography?
Do you speak and understand the beauty of sign language or do you want to learn?
Do you enjoy the special challenges and rewards of working with teenagers?
Ladies, do you crave belonging to a group of Christian sisters who will give you support and love and encouragement?
Guys, would you like to be part of a group of Christian brothers who will come alongside you and challenge you to be your best and have fun all at the same time?
Does sewing or knitting or quilting give you a special sense of accomplishment?
Does guiding children to explore the Bible and learn to know God excite you?
How about cooking food and serving it to others? Is that your love language?
Would you like to combine your love of motorcycles with spreading the good news of Jesus and His gift of life?

Whew! You get the idea? There are all sorts of ways to do what you enjoy while employing those gifts and passions God has given you to serve Him and minister to a world that needs Him.
Find the spot that fits you, and get busy!

By Julie Kirk