Ministry Fair 2022


May 27, 2022

Meet Me At The Fair

     The fellowship hall at New Hope Baptist Church was the scene of a fair on Sunday, May 22nd.
No, not a state fair. Not even a county fair. There were no fried foods on sticks, no carnival rides,  no bobbing for apples or throwing plastic rings at coke bottles, no “Best Homemade Pickle” competition or prize-winning pies, and no livestock barns (thank goodness!). Sooo. . .where did the “fair” part come in?
     This fair was a Ministry Fair, New Hope’s first, and it came complete with balloons, bowls containing candy free for the taking, and a full-size bright yellow motorcycle.
     The fair exhibits offered information highlighting a wide variety of ministry opportunities available to our church family. A sandwich lunch was offered providing an opportunity to eat while exploring and considering the possibilities of putting time and talents to work for Jesus.
     There are all sorts of ways to shine the light of God’s love in this dark world. Our ministry fair covered only some of them. Maybe you have some ideas yourself. We would love to have your input and involvement.
     For all of the ministers who made this event a success, New Hope gives thanks.

By Julie Kirk