And the Race is On


April 21, 2019

And the Race is On

Easter Sunday

All of creation seemed to be rejoicing on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day. A world green and growing, soft breezes, bird-song, and cloudless blue awaited the flock of children who gathered, after the morning worship service, for the Easter egg hunt at New Hope Baptist Church.

Justin Hart, our youth pastor, assisted by several of our New Hope teens, brought organization and instructions to the excited prospective hunters and gatherers assembled in the Fellowship Hall. Then the crowd exited through the back doors into the bright sunshine and beheld, behind the church, the large, open, freshly-mowed field dotted with pink, purple, orange, blue . . . some 2000 plastic eggs.

Those who were present merely to watch the fun found observation posts at the top of the sloping hill. The participants  congregated at the base of the slope, the starting line, where they eagerly awaited Bro. Justin’s orders to begin the hunt. With a “Ready? Set? Go!”, a wave of boys and girls charged ahead and began plucking shiny eggs from the ground and depositing them into baskets, bags, and buckets. Within not very many minutes, the field, once bejeweled with multi-colors, returned to an unadorned green.

The returning searchers, laden with the fruit of their labor, climbed back up the slope to meet waiting parents, grandparents, and other assorted relatives. One little boy whose basket was literally overflowing  was heard to announce, “I need another basket!!”

In advance preparation for this event, church members had volunteered to buy individually wrapped candies, to take charge of as many empty plastic eggs as they could corral, to insert a piece of candy into and to put together each of the afore-mentioned 2000 eggs. These volunteers filled each egg, not only with a piece of candy, but also with a slip of paper bearing one of a number of different Bible verses.

Every child who proudly carried home a collection of eggs carried a treasure of candy, but a treasure that, by its very nature, is short-lived and brings only a few moments’ pleasure. Every child also took home the true treasure, God’s Word, which stands forever, never fails, and brings with it a lifetime of pleasure and peace.