Youth Ryan Thorn, Heather Harrington , Joseph Scott, and Micha Pugh laddle beef tips, rice, and gravy to members of our congregation as an act of service during a church-wide fellowship.  (photo: Lisa Wright)
When asked to share the influence of NHBC Small Group, Debbi West and Tonya Miller recount the special connection and belonging they each felt.

by Julie Kirk

   If thereís one thing that distinguishes Baptists, itís their eatiní meetinís. The New Hope family enjoyed one such meetiní Sunday morning, March 24th, after the worship service.

   After Bro. Scott Frank led us in asking Godís blessing on the food, we eagerly stampeded, I mean proceeded, into the fellowship hall where appetizing aromas greeted us. The New Hope teens and their adult partners were standing ready to serve the meal they had prepared. Long tables loaded with pans of beef tips and gravy, rice, sides, desserts, and drinks welcomed us as we lined up waiting our turn to indulge. Then, with generously heaped plates in hand, we found seats at a scattering of tables where conversations and laughter flowed and mingled as forks were put into action.

   As plates were quickly being emptied, Bro. Tony Pierce claimed the microphone and voiced our gratitude to the teens for the gift of a delicious lunch.

   Bro. Scott then took advantage of the opportunity to share information about the small group ministry that is just getting underway at New Hope.  Leaders of the five small groups were introduced. Several folks shared testimonies of finding kinship, a sense of belonging, a family-style closeness in their small group experience and encouraged everyone to join in and find a connection, ďa bucket seat that fits your bucket.Ē These groups will focus on building community, sharing one anotherís burdens, encouraging one another, discipleship, accountability, and service. A sign-up sheet for each group was provided.

   Itís not too late to take part, so come on. You will be warmly welcomed.

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